Intimacy Directors

Intimacy Directors work in live performance and are more than choreographers or movement directors. They are highly trained in methodologies that access, support and oversee intimacy practice during rehearsals and shows. They advocate for the performer and their emotional safety whilst choreographing intimate moments that support the play and story.

Our intimacy direction work involves the following:

- Pre-production meetings

- Creating intimacy guidelines and practices for the show & liaising with theatre departments and creative team.

- Presence during table work of scenes incorporating intimacy (is a practice common in theatre rehearsals only).

- Intimacy sessions to create safe, consensual choreography

- Presence during technical rehearsals

- Manage intimacy calls in previews

Intimacy Coordinators

The Intimacy Coordinator is a new role that has been rapidly changing the film and media industry. IDI has been at the forefront of such change. 

Our Intimacy Coordinators are involved in 3 stages:

1. Pre-Production: discuss intimate moments with director and producer. 

Contact actors individually and discuss those moments and any restrictions. 

Pre-shoot rehearsals with actors to create consensual choreography. Liaise with costume and make-up regarding needs of choreography. 

2. On-Set:  

- Advocate for actors on-set: checking-in, maintaining any nudity riders, offering support as Mental Health First Aiders and more.

- Briefing all crew and staff about privacy and closed set protocols.

- During Shoot: re-adjusting choreography with actors dependent on the director's vision and camera angles, supporting the performance of intimate moments and moves. 

- Maintaining safety. 

3. Post-Production: can offer support at post production stage. 

Rate Guidelines 

For Screen:

IDI-UK recommended fees and contract clauses are based on the PACT, Equity and BECTU rates for Stunt Coordinators in the UK. 

Our Intimacy Coordinators are freelancers / Ltds and have their own rate card however we advise that fees should include but are not restricted to: preparation, daily fee, intimacy kit, insurance, overtime, night shoot, per diem, travel & accommodation etc.    

For Stage: 

IDI-UK recommended fees depend on the size of production/theatre and are based on Equity, SOLT & ITC rates & terms for choreographers & fight directors. We advise that fees should include but are not restricted to: preparation, session fee (max 3.5 hours), intimacy kit etc.  


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