IDI-UK Accreditation Programme 2019/2020 for


(for Live Performance) 

We are thrilled to be offering the first accreditation programme in the UK for Intimacy Directors. 

Open to individuals interested in specialising in direction of intimacy and supporting live performance. 

Lead by:

IDI-UK Founders and Certified Professionals.

Guest Speakers: Additional Intimacy Coordinators and Industry professionals.

Examples of topics which will be covered:

History of intimacy for performance 

- IDI artistry and philosophy

- Mental health & performance

- Consent, sensitivity & communication in practice

- IDI Pillars of Intimacy

- Intimacy in art, culture and live performance 

- Intimacy rehearsals practices

- Choreography tools & methods

- UK Industry rights, protocols and future


Part 1: the programme is structured over six weekends, once a month so you have time to reflect and research (attendance mandatory).

The Programme has already started.  Please check back to see dates for our next intake in the summer of 2020. 

Part 2: Mentorship for 6 months including tutorials, online meeting etc. 

Part 3 - To retain status you will be asked to renew your mental health first aid, first aid and engage in related CPDs.

Fees for full ID Accreditation Programme: £2,500

Scholarship & Payment Plan?  See our Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note:

The performance of nudity, simulated sex actions, kissing etc will not be required by participants in any of the accreditation programmes. Participants will work within their boundaries and this will not affect their grading and assessments. Accreditation is dependent on the completion of all course assessments and requirements including successfully receiving a "Pass" level at the end of the course. 

During the course, participants receive an "IDI-UK Intimacy Director Apprentice" status, they will be expected to follow our Apprentice Guidelines.  

Application Process 

Stage 1: Applying - Requirements for the ID Accreditation Programme

- Letter of intent: demonstrate an understanding of this role and what its practice entails, why you want to learn this, explain your experience working and instructing actors, current skills which directly connect to this work, why do you want to train with IDI-UK, what are your aspirations for future practice and how would you want to support the industry further. 

- Letter of recommendation from a director, head of course or producer which you have directly worked for outlining why they would recommend you for this particular pathway. 

- Attach your CV which should also demonstrate the following: 

Previous workshops in intimacy (for actors or directors etc) with IDI, IDI-UK or equivalent. Please outline subjects included, how many hours and name of instructors. 

Sufficient professional experience of movement instruction (such as: movement teaching for actors, movement direction credits, fight direction credits, teacher training in Yoga/Pilates/ Feldenkrais etc). Please note that a strong understanding of movement instruction and teaching at a high standard is expected. 

Professional experience of working with Actors and Directors (work on productions in higher education settings will not be accepted).

- Adult Mental Health First Aid Certificate

- Scan of your DBS - showing no previous criminal record. 

- Emergency First Aid At Work. 

- CPD Accredited awareness courses in: Sexual Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Equality & Diversity, LGBTQ awareness, Conflict Resolution. Please present a certificate of completion OR proof letter from the company/charity/online company you trained with. 

If you are missing any of the above at the time of your application, please detail the expected dates of the course/s you intend to take in your application for our consideration. 


Stage 2: Successful candidates** will be contacted to arrange an interview via Skype / Zoom or in person. The interview will be lead by an instructor. After which the instructor will relay their considerations to IDI-UK. 

** Note that due to a high amount of applications, we will only notify successful candidates. 


Stage 3: Decisions will be sent via email by IDI-UK team along with a deadline to accept your spot. After accepting the spot, payment will be required to secure it. 


After payment, detailed information about the course structure, reading list and preparation before first weekend etc will be sent. 

Deadline for Application: 13th October 2019 

Please email, email subject: ID Accreditation Application.

Questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions. For any other enquiries contact Yarit Dor (Education Manager): 

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