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IDI-UK Accreditation Programme 2019/2020 for


(for TV / FILM) 


Who is this for?

Open to intimacy professionals* interested to support the UK and EU film and TV industry.

*(intimacy directors, ID/IC apprentices, independent Intimacy Coordinators/ Directors searching for accreditation).  

What if I'm not an Intimacy Professional?

We fully understand the interest of professionals from all walks of life to enter the Intimacy Coordination growing industry.

Since the role of an intimacy coordinator requires advocacy, liaison and intimacy choreography at a high standard we only currently accept individuals who can demonstrate not only on-set experience or intimacy direction credits but also an experience in intimacy choreography which must include safe choreography of simulated sex and management of nudity in performance. 

If you do not hold a solid understanding of movement for actors, basic biomechanics and anatomy and if you haven't worked closely with lead actors then we ask that you supplement your knowledge base first and then apply for the Part 1 which is our Intimacy Director Accreditation. We are happy to recommend which supplementary movement courses can you take before your Part 1 with us. 

If you'd like to know if this role is for you we highly recommend you first join our introductory workshop. 


Pre-Requisites - Successfully finished the IDI-UK Intimacy Directors Accreditation Programme or can demonstrate equivalent previous training  (see cover letter explanation below regarding what evidence to provide).

Part 1 - Six-day intensive training in Intimacy Coordination 

Part 2 - Mentoring by approved intimacy coordinators, shadowing on set and submission of written assignments & logs required.  

Part 3 - To retain status you will be asked to renew your mental health first aid, first aid and engage in related CPDs. 


Lead by:

IDI-UK Founders and Certified Professionals.

Guest Speakers: Additional Certified Intimacy Coordinators and Industry professionals. 

Examples of topics which will be covered:

- TV & Film Industry in the UK

- IC process from pre-production, day of the shoot and after the shoot. 

- Protocols for Nudity & Simulated Sex Actions

- Tricks of the trade, understanding camera shots & angles and Intimacy Kit for set

- Adapting Nudity & Simulated Sex Choreography techniques to camera & on-set etiquette 

- Rights, Contracts etc. 

Please note:

The performance of nudity, simulated sex actions, kissing etc will not be required by participants in any of the accreditation programmes. Participants will work within their boundaries and this will not affect their grading and assessments. Accreditation is dependent on the completion of all course assessments and requirements including successfully receiving a "Pass" level at the end of the course. 

During the course, participants receive an "IDI-UK Intimacy Coordinator Apprentice" status, they will be expected to follow our Apprentice Guidelines.  


Pre-Requisite - see Intimacy Directors Accreditation Training. (New dates for 2020 round will be posted soon). 

Part 1 -  Due to Covid-19 the dates for the May Part 1 will be changing since hands-on practice is tremendously important for an Intimacy Coordinator training. We will be announcing our new dates in our newsletter soon.  

Part 2 - dates are dependant on your days of shadowing/assisting on set. 


Fees of Intimacy Directors Accreditation Training, see page . (New dates for 2020 round will be posted soon). 

Fees of Part 1:

IC Intensive: £1,500

Additionals: you will be expected to buy products and items for your Intimacy Kit which you will need to use during Part 1 & 2. 

Fees for Part 2:  as an IC Apprentice you may need to cover your own travel, accommodation and subsistence etc when shadowing and/or assisting on-set. 

Application Process:


Stage 1

1. Submit scanned certificates of your Intimacy Coordination/Direction training (if your provider has a levelling system, please make sure that the level is outlined in the certificate or explain this further in your cover letter). 


2. Submit a Cover Letter explaining why you want to partake in our training programme,  what knowledge of practice on-set do you have and how would you like to contribute to the growing UK and/ or EU industry. 

Are you an Intimacy Coordinator certified by another training provider and interested to join straight into our Part 1? 

We treat every request on a case by case basis, however, since we aren't aware of the detailed training given by every training provider, we ask that your cover letter include the following in order for us to ascertain the level of knowledge and experience you have. (Part 2 is for individuals that have learned how to choreograph simulation already, we will not be covering these basics if you do not have that technical knowledge).

  • How many days was your training and how many of contact time with Teachers did you have? 

  • What would you say are your weaknesses and your strengths as an intimacy professional? 

  • Consent- what are the ways in which an intimacy coordinator assesses consent on set? What are the issues performers face and your own method to safeguard them from rehearsal to show/shoot? 

  • What methods and guidelines of communication an intimacy professional uses? And how? 

  • Choreography: what are the basic safety concepts and technique concepts you have used to stage simulated self-stimulation, simulated partner stimulation, simulated oral sex, simulated sex (outline for vaginal and anal). 

  • Intimacy Choreography Kit - what kit have you used specifically for intimacy, products and how are they used? 

  • Closure - what methods of closure and actor wellbeing have you advised on or facilitated.

(please keep performers' and creatives' names anonymous throughout). 

3. Letter of recommendation from a director or producer with whom you have worked with, outlining why they would recommend you for this particular pathway. 

4. CV demonstrating: 

        On-set experience as an IC or Apprentice IC or professional intimacy director credits in live performance. 

        Movement pedagogy/ training, qualifications and skills.  

        Additional training suitable to the TV and Film sector, for example, courses in Intro to Filmmaking / Directing etc. 

5. Scan of your DBS or equivalent Criminal Record certificate to show no previous criminal record.


Stage 2: 

Successful candidates** will be contacted to arrange an interview via Skype / Zoom or in person. The interview will be lead by an IDI-UK Instructor. After which the instructor will relay their considerations to IDI-UK. 

** Note that due to a high amount of applications, we will only notify successful candidates. 

Stage 3:

Decisions will be sent via email by IDI-UK team along with a deadline to accept your place. After accepting the place, payment of 30% will be required to secure it. 

Stage 4:

Before the beginning of the IC intensive we ask that you present the following: 

- Creative Industries Safety Passport

- Adult Mental Health First Aider

- Emergency First Aid at work

- CPD accredited awareness courses in Sexual Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Equality & Diversity, LGBTQ Awareness and Conflict Resolution. Please present the certificate of completion OR proof letter from the company/charity/online company you trained with. 

If you have issues in finding dates for the above courses before the IC intensive, please provide evidence of the payment receipt that you have booked those courses.  

Please note: you will not be able to officially finish Part 2 and start Part 3 until you have the above Stage 4 certificates or their equivalent in your country. 

Before the IC Intensive detailed information about the course structure, reading list and preparation etc will be sent.

Deadline for IC Intensive Application- due to Covid-19 we are extending the application deadline to 25th May 2020  

Please email your application to, email subject: IC Application.

Questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions. For any other enquiries contact Yarit Dor (Education Manager): 

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