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Application Process for Training 2020/2021

Due to COVID-19 we have suspended our courses until more information is available from the UK government as to how educational institutions can run their courses. We strongly believe that classroom practice and contact time is essential in order to do this work safely and get feedback. Thus we cannot offer these programmes FULLY online at present. Our education team is working hard to re-structure taking COVID guidance into consideration.  
Stage 1
To begin your application for either programme, please send us an email with:
  • A CV demonstrating professional experience in live performance and/or media. We do accept applicants from varied backgrounds and roles, however, both the intimacy director and intimacy coordinator roles require knowledge and experience in movement, choreography and direct work with actors. 
CV should outline:
  • Any previous workshops in intimacy (for actors or directors etc) with IDI-UK or another intimacy training provider. Please outline subjects included, how many hours and name of instructors. 
  • Any experience in acting, dance, directing, costume making or supervising, choreography etc in a professional setting.  
  • Sufficient professional experience of movement instruction (such as movement facilitating for actors, movement direction credits, fight direction credits, bodywork, movement-based therapies or teaching physical practices such as Yoga/Pilates/Garuda/Feldenkrais/Alexander Technique/Laban/Body-Mind Centering/Rolf Movement/Voice Coaching etc). Please note that a strong understanding of movement, anatomy, basic biomechanics and its instruction is expected. 
  • Professional experience of working with Actors and Directors (work on productions in higher education settings will not be accepted).
  • Bonus but not mandatory: training in psychology/therapeutics/voice coaching/acting coaching. 
  • Letter of intent: why do you wish to train with IDI-UK? What interests you in the role? How would you like to contribute to the intimacy community and the industry? 
  • Letter of recommendation from a director or producer. 
  • DBC Certificate demonstrating a clean criminal record (or equivalent certificate from your country).
  • Proof of work permits in UK or EU. 
(IDI-UK's certified professionals need to be able to work in the UK and/or EU industry. If you cannot but still want to do our training, please state that clearly in your letter of intent for us to consider).  
Stage 2
Successful candidates** will be contacted to arrange an interview via Skype / Zoom or in person. The interview will be lead by an IDI-UK Instructor. After which the instructor will relay their considerations to IDI-UK. 
** Note that due to a high amount of applications, we will only notify successful candidates. 
Stage 3
If you are accepted, decisions will be sent via email by IDI-UK team along with a deadline to accept your place. After accepting the place, a percentage of the payment will be requested in order to secure your place as a deposit.  
Stage 4
Before the beginning of the INTIMACY FUNDAMENTALS start we ask that you present the following: 
- Creative Industries Safety Passport (or equivalent certificate in your country)
- Adult Mental Health First Aid certificate
- Emergency First Aid certificate
- CPD accredited awareness courses in Sexual Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Equality & Diversity, LGBTQ Awareness and Conflict Resolution.
Please present the certificate of completion OR proof letter from the company/charity/online company you trained with. 
If you have issues in finding dates for the above courses before the INTIMACY FUNDAMENTALS first weekend, please provide evidence of the payment receipt that you have booked those courses. You will not be able to continue on to the INTENSIVE unless these are fully submitted. 

Please email your application to, email subject: IC Application OR ID Application

Questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions. For any other enquiries contact Yarit Dor (Education Manager): 

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